Italian Cuisine

The Taste of Italy

Come and try the taste of ITALIAN cuisine. We use only excellent raw materials, creating a harmonious fusion between past and present for an engaging and exciting Mediterranean-creative cuisine.

Pizza Margherita 🍕
Magic and flavours of Italian cuisine

Welcome to Naples

We use top quality materials, each product will be an explosion of taste for your palate. In the kitchen of Kè Eat everything starts from tradition and respect for raw materials, arriving where you would not have imagined.
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Our Restaurant

Enjoy the proximity to the sea and the scent of salt. The perfect setting for the exclusive proposals of the kitchen that turns, turns, mixes and mixes tradition with the most refined flavours, colours and ingredients. The fingerfood of Kè Eat is definitely an experience not to be missed. For parties and private or public events, our kitchen changes location, but the flavors remain the same. You will hold in your fingers all the creativity, passion and experience of our chefs, concentrated in a bite.
The True Neapolitan Pizza


The fresh, innovative and glamorous Mood makes it coveted by young people and at the same time appreciated by adults.

The dishes proposed, the result of study and research, cross and blend with tradition, creating each time a new experience of taste and unique flavors.

We take care of the smallest details


Tradition blends with the innovation of modern cuisine, each of our dishes is carefully prepared in every detail ... not only excellent to taste but also beautiful to see.


The refined and trendy design, the relaxing and enveloping atmosphere; Kè Eat is an experience between flavours, colours and scents.
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